Toothed Gearings Manufacture and Repair

The GTRPC Zorya-Mashproekt Gearbox production has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, testing and repairing (restoration) of practically all toothed gearings: cylindrical, bevel external and internal gearings with spur, helical, herring-bone, involute and bevel as well as circular teeth.
Modules being used are in the range from 0.6 mm to 12 mm.
Gears being manufactured have diameter from 10 mm to 3400 mm.

The gearbox production has a complete cycle of production of all components, being a part of the gearbox casing and stator elements as well as rotating parts.

The gearbox production has special test stands to check the quality of the gearboxes being manufactured and repaired.

The gearbox production has a wide experience in repair and replacement of gearboxes being used in different branches of industry. In this case the Customer is not obliged to have original design documentation.
Experts from the gearbox production will restore all necessary sizes of reparable gears.

Toothed gears are subjected to measurements and checking, using state-of-the-art instruments for non-destructive inspection (magnetic particle inspection, luminescence, etc.). In case of replacement of the gears failed during operation, manufacturing of new gears and fitting of teeth is carried out.
Applicable chemical and thermal procedures provide hardness of teeth working surfaces up to 56-60 HRC.

There is a special gearbox design department in R&D Center Mashproekt, which is able to design gearboxes according to the Customers request. In this case all stages of work on the design of critical elements and the design itself are fulfilled.