09/10/15 "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" is visited by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of India in Ukraine.

Today Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of India in Ukraine, has visited the enterprise. Commodore Siddhartha Sant, the Defence Attache of the Embassy of India in Ukraine, has also been a member of the Indian delegation.

Recently Mr. Bharti has come into office and the visit to the Nikolaev enterprise is his first visit to Ukraine, as well as the first visit to "Zorya" - "Mashproekt". Indian Ambassador familiarized with the production facilities of the complex. He gave special priority to implementation of the projects that are currently carried out under the order of Indian customer.

The company traditionally participates in the newest projects for the Navy of the country. Today, "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" manufactures products for new ships that are being built at the shipyard in Mumbai.

Today the economy of India is the 4th-largest in the world. The forecasting of economic growth for 2015 is 7.3%, for 2016 - 7.6%. The country commands one of the largest armies and ranks third in the world ranking. Ukraine is involved in the new program of the Indian government and it is present in the list of 25 countries with which India intends to develop cooperation in the military-technical field.

India has a coastline of 7516 km. Therefore the development of naval forces is constantly actual task. For "Zorya" - "Mashproekt" India is a key partner in the supply of marine propulsion plants.

The company also plans to reach a new level of cooperation. It is cooperation with the Indian engineering companies in the field of gas turbine plant development, in particular, in the development of advanced control systems.

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