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Zorya-Mashproekt will participate in Distributed Energy & NG Energy China 2017
Zorya-Mashproekt will use ISO 9001:2015
The incoming inspection is improving at Zorya-Mashproekt
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Research and Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt is a recognized authority in the field of Ukrainian machine building. Thousands of workers, engineers and technicians cross its gates every day. To provide an effective work of so big enterprise it is necessary to constantly cope with lots of social problems. Zorya-Mashproekt is one of those in Ukraine who continues to support and develop its social objects.
The enterprise keeps several teaching and educational complexes (nursery +primary school), outpatient department, sanatorium-preventorium, holiday centers equipped with modern amenities, summer camps for children, a sport palace and a palace of culture.

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In the course of more than fifty-five years of the enterprise functioning a network of it’s teaching and educational institutions was constantly spreading. As an example we can mention nursery+primary school complexes, established for the workers’ children as far back as in 1999.
In each complex, besides others, psychologists, teachers of English and drawing help children to develop their talents. The schools also have well-equipped choreography, music and sport halls. It’s convenient for working parents that the children can stay at school all the day from 6:30 till 18:30. In the second half of the day the children are busy with participating in different circles and studious.
Young technicians club sponsored by the trade REMOVED of the enterprise is a center of technical and artistic creative work. The club is open for all children of the city. Club’s activity aims at the children’s and teenagers’ abilities development in the field of science, technology, invention. It helps to arose creative thinking. There are auto- and aircraft modeling circles, decorative and applied arts studio. The club is especially proud of the aircraft modeling circle. Its members construct cord and radio-controlled models, which often win awards at competitions of different levels. Here a radio-controlled helicopter model was built. It was a most complicated technical task successfully solved by the young designers.

He who rests well, works well

Administration of the enterprise always paid great attention to the health of the workers strengthening and to the professional diseases prevention. For this purpose a sanatorium-preventorium, three comfortable holiday centers and some children’s summer camps were built on the Black Sea shore. The Chaika sanatorium renders its services to the workers in such a way that they can combine work and medical treatment or to stay as the in-patients. The sanatorium is equipped with a physiotherapy, balneology, diagnostic and treatment rooms. The pensioners get sanatorium vouchers on easy terms.

In the strong body there is a strong spirit

Physical training and sport is always the object of the enterprise administration attention. Sport palace Zorya is well known in Nikolaev . The workers and employees can go in for 10 or more sport groups. There is a spacious gym hall, a swimming–pool and a football ground.
The sport complex is a center of the outstanding trampoline jumpers training. In its premises the famous athletes Victoria Belayeva, Lyubov Prokofieva, Elena Kolomiets, Oksana Tsiguleva, Elena Movchan, Yuri Nikitin developed their talents and became Olympic champions, Europe and World Prize winners.

Concern about the staff, about their health will always be the main trend of the social policy at the enterprise as the workers’ health is its main capital.