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Gas turbine propulsion plants for hydrofoils

Gas turbine propulsion plants for five projects of ships and hydrofoils with the displacement from 100 to 1100 t have been designed and verified during their operation.
Main propulsion engines of light weight and light gearboxes according to configuration required for specific hydrofoils are installed on board the ship. Development of angular gearing
(unit power up to 20,000 h.p.) with lower gearbox immersion up
to 12 meters is a new feature in gas turbine propulsion plants
for hydrofoils.
It can be applied in two variants: with stationary immersion position of lower gearbox and with its 180 degrees turn in non-operative condition.

Small Hydrofoil Submarine Fighter, pr. «SOKOL-2» with propulsion plants M16 and M10
Propulsion Plant Configuration Ì16 + Ì10 õ 2


BE – Boost Engine
CE – Cruise Engine
CG – Cruise Gearbox
DG – Distributing Gearbox
PG – Propulsion Gearbox

Full displacement – 500 tones
Full speed > 60 knots
Economy speed – 12 knots

Fast passenger hydrofoil, pr.«CYCLON» with propulsion plant M37
Propulsion Plant Configuration Ì37

E – Engine
G – Gearbox

Full displacement – 250 tones
Full speed – 42 knots