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14/12/10 SE Zorya-Mashproekt delivers equipment for a compressor station in Russia

SE Zorya-Mashproekt has carried out delivery of equipment for a compressor station in Russia, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency has been informed about it today, 14 December, at the press service of the company.

According to their information, in compliance with the JS Iskra-Aviagas goods order the state enterprise Zorya-Mashproekt has delivered a 16W engine of -90 type. The engine is assigned for Mikun compressor station in the Autonomous Republic of Komi, Russia.

The equipment has been delivered to replace the worn gas compressor units mechanical drives as provided by the reconstruction programme for the JS Gazprom.

The same kind of an engine will be delivered to Sindor compressor station.

INFORMATION: State enterprise Zorya-Mashproekt is a pioneer in the deep modernization of functioning gas compressor stations by means of the worn or old-fashioned mechanical drives for the modern effective gas turbine engines. The enterprise has an 18-years experience in such projects successive fulfillment at the gas mains of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia.

At present the enterprise develops a new modification of 16W engine with re-generation. This new equipment is allotted for Ukrainian gas-transport system.

The engine will have 40% efficiency and a high level of reliability.

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