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14/12/15 "Zorya"-"Mashproekt" implements new technological processes using 3D-printing

The company has commissioned three 3D-printers manufactured by 3D Systems (USA) that is a leading supplier of decisions in the field of three-dimensional printing. Two items of equipment are designed for production of plastic products; one is for production of products of gypsum-containing material. It is also planned the introduction of 3D-printing with using metal.

Use of 3D-printing has allowed to significantly accelerate developmental and research works in designing of new products. The department of metallurgy in "Zorya"-"Mashproekt" has developed and tested a number of technologies, in particular obtaining castings of uncooled blades based on the consumable patterns printed on 3D-printer. Application of this technology has allowed to reduce a term of obtaining casts some times: from 3-6 months to 0.5-1 months.

New technologies are developed in several directions: equipment production, production of breadboard models and models for aerodynamic testing. The specialists of the company continue the research works; in particular they develop new technologies to produce castings of cooled blades.

In 2015, "Zorya"-"Mashproekt" has continued the implementation of actual investment projects and for batch production. In particular, the new equipment for machining of large case details of gear production is been preparing for commissioning. Its implementation will significantly reduce the production cycle of this type product.

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