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Zorya-Mashproekt will participate in Distributed Energy & NG Energy China 2017
Zorya-Mashproekt will use ISO 9001:2015
The incoming inspection is improving at Zorya-Mashproekt
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Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt

is one of the world leaders in gas turbine construction. We are designing and constructing gas turbines for sea-going merchant fleet and navy, for power industry and gas transport mains opening up new possibilities for the world.
Our products are provided to Russia, Byelorussia, India, China, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries. Quality and reliability of our products are the keys opening the door in the world of success and prosperity.


We produce high quality gas-turbine plants, opening up possibilities to ecologically generate electric energy, to supply the customers with an ecologically pure pipelined fuel and apply modern gas turbines plants on the naval and merchant ships.

Long-Range Goal

To consolidate the leading position among the gas turbine suppliers producing the engines from 2.5 to 60 MW for electric power stations, gas compressor units and also power plants for naval and merchant vessels. Technical requirements and those of a customer compliance are of greatest importance to us.

Like-Minded Team

Our main strategy resource is an initiative and creative like-minded team. We strive for the stable functioning of the staff, for its conscientious attitude to the work. We create all the conditions for the group cohesion and its professional development.

Our Success Components

We produce high-quality products with reliable parameters of functioning, that pave the way to our customers’ respect.
We are oriented to the safe and reliable products output. We are constantly upgrading them and construct new models of the gas turbine plants.

Cooperation with the Partners

Openness and transparency of the business are our main principles, which allow us to develop long-lasting relations with the partners, customers and society as a whole, and makes it possible to support positive reputation of the enterprise in the world.

Our Products Quality

• Is laid at the stage of mechanical design;
• Is ensured during production;
• Is controlled at testing;
• Is supported during exploitation.

We are working according to the national standards and the International standard ISO 9001-2008.

It is Prestigious to work at our Enterprise

Social policy of the enterprise is aimed at the self-realization of each worker and getting an adequate remuneration for his labor.
We are of opinion that the base of successful activity of the enterprise is mutually respectful and benevolent attitude among the employees, workers and administration, and also attention to the partners’ requirements.
Such social policy brings fruitful results to the enterprise, to its workers, to all the citizens of Nikolaev and Ukraine in general.